Single line kite manual. Learn how to fly single Line kites - guide on flying and maintenance. Buy single line Kite online - single line kites online shop and sale.
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Single line kite manual. Learn how to fly single line kites - guide on flying and maintenance.

There are a great many designs of single line kites, the most common are diamond kites, delta, box, sled and parafoil kites. The sizes vary as much as the shapes. Take a look at our easy paper fold kites you can make yourself! (Click here)

Most single line kites are made with a wooden dowel frame, this will keep the weight of the kite down enabling it to fly in light winds. Where a kite is required to fly in stronger winds, frames of fibreglass or carbon fibre can be used.

Other than just being great fun to fly, single line kites also have a wide range of uses such as Kite Fishing, Kite Aerial Photography (KAP), Falcon training, Educational projects for schools and sweet drops for kids etc.
Flying Safety Tips
Care and Maintenance
Which Kite to Choose?

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