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At Hi-Fly Kites we are passionate about kites and anything else that flies. Kiting can be such a fun and an exhilarating sport and our hope is that you too can experience some of this passion, with this in mind we wish you a warm welcome to Hi-Fly Kites on line.

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Online Kite Shop - Buy Jumping Bear Single Line Kite Jumping Bear
What a novelty! A bear with a parachute that flies like a kite! This teddy is just so cute you can't help but fall in love with him, and he just loves to fly!
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Online Kite Shop - Buy Raco Single Line Kite Raco
Have a look at this guy! I mean really what a great character kite for kids! This parrot is just bursting with fun and color!
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Online Kite Shop - Buy Stunt Kite Magic Magic
This is a gem of a kite, an excellent entry-level stunt kite with solid 4mm fiberglass frame. Good easy kite to fly that is suitable for all ages.
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Online Kite Shop - Buy Stunt Kite Rhumba Rhumba
This is a great all rounder, a really popular kite with solid pull and easy handling giving you hours of pleasure. A truly good kite for young and old.
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Eolo Sport:
We are proud to announce that we have been
appointed South African distributors for Eolo
Sport - Spain.
On Promotion:
Radsail Pro 4

If you are
looking for
some serious
fun, how about
power kiting with
the new Rad Pro 4.
Designed by world
renowned kite designer,
Andy Preston, it is
perhaps the best value
all round power kite on
the market. Able to generate
some serious white nuckle
power in strong winds but with the quad
line flying system you can also de-
power the kite allowing for safe and
easy launches and landings even
directly down wind. Comes complete
with the New Flight School DVD.
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and manuals. Learn how to fly a stunt
kite and power kite, how to fish using
a kite, how kites are made, how to take
aerial pictures with your kite, how to
make a paper kite at home and more.
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